Training That Is Required For One To Qualify To Be A Police Officer


A police officer is viewed as one of the most prominent members of the society as they are tasked with maintaining law and order. Many people, however, are not aware of the training programs that the police officers go through which enables them to handle even the most challenging situation in the society. To acquire their skills the law enforcers take part in different training sessions.

A police recruit's training consists of physical training, use of firearms, the 'come along' tactics unarmed defensive training and how to use non-lethal weapons. The commonly used non-lethal weapons include pepper or mace spray, electronic devices including lasers and stun guns. The trainees also acquire skills on how to use other deadly weapons apart from the firearms. One important area that a police recruit is trained on is the psychological training. Psychological training for the police officers aims at reducing one's sense of individuality and inducing in them the need to work as a team. The police training is almost similar to the military training although varying in some areas. If you want to learn more about Police Officer Training, you can visit .

Police training does not only involve the physical training, but there are other aspects that one has to learn. There are classrooms that are set up for the training process. The trainees are educating on the law as well as the cultural details of the population they are likely to encounter while they are performing their professional duties. Also, some police officers also take psychology and sociology courses.

The major part of the police officer training courses programs is the physical training. Physical training is usually done in a manner almost similar to that of the military training. One is required to run at least five miles per day which are followed by periods of push-ups, jumping jacks, leg lifts and squat thrusts. A boxing session, as well as karate and judo, are also part of the daily physical training program. One can also get verbally berated although it is done respectfully. The physical training for the police officers is carried out by martial arts experts although the number of the activities may vary from one college to another.

Police training usually lasts between four to six months. During this period one is paired with an experienced officer for a period of field training. One may take part in law enforcement training courses while they are still assigned to training or for some time after graduating.